The operational team of InSciTe is located at our main offices (20F)
The biomedical operational team can be found at the Biomedical Facility, at the other entrance of the main office. 
Chemelot InSciTe 
Urmonderbaan 20F
6167 RD Geleen
The Netherlands

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Emiel Staring

Emiel Staring, PhD

Managing Director

T +31 6 51 15 87 58 


"Taking public private partnerships to the next level: building a durable institute with its own experimental facilities, educational program and business development services."
Karin Hendrix

Karin Hendrix

Management Assistant

T +31 6 83 62 81 59

"I really enjoy working together with this enthusiastic team. Since we have to get the job done with a small group, the work is varied and very interesting. This role at the heart of the organisation is perfectly suited to me."
Danielle Curfs

Danielle Curfs, PhD

Program Manager Biomedical

T +31630861483

"Building bridges in the biomedical materials landscape and interacting with key scientists to work on biomedical materials solutions that might revolutionize healthcare feels like a hobby rather than work. I love it!"
Rinus Broxterman

Rinus Broxterman, PhD

Strategy Advisor Biobased

T +31 6  53 84 21 03

Marijn Rijkers

Marijn Rijkers, PhD

Program Director Biobased

T +31 6 13 69 28 27

Peter Quaedflieg

Peter Quaedflieg, PhD

Project Manager Biobased

T +31 6 10 81 64 03

By working for InSciTe Biobased, my passion for developing novel organic chemistry and chemical technology towards a more sustainable economy is combined with the joy of working with PhD students and an enthusiastic InSciTe team.
Chris Duxbury

Chris Duxbury, PhD

Manager Biomedical Facility

Urmonderbaan 20B

T +31 6 11 75 18 49

"I am excited by the prospect of working together with leaders in the field, helping to develop biomedical solutions that can have a real impact on patients’ lives."
Arno Douven

Arno Douven

Financial Officer 

T +31 46 702 28 04

Entrepreneurship fascinates me. In a world where science meets business, it is my ambition to optimize subsidies to give a further push to partnerships in sustainability and health. What a wonderful world!
Bianca van Bree

Bianca van Bree, PhD

Project Manager Biomedical

T +31 6 21 60 37 33

"Accelerating innovation by bringing together multiple partners with various expertise, aiming for improved healthcare. InSciTe is striving to make it possible, and I feel privileged to be part of it.'
Raymond Mulleneers

Raymond Mulleneers

Quality Assurance Manager

Urmonderbaan 20B

T +31 6 15 04 52 85  

"It is an exiting challenge to build a whole new quality system from scratch, so let's go for it!'
Celeste Tillemans

Célèste Tillemans

Biomedical Technician

T +31 6 53 95 10 12

Translating research to an actual product that improves patients’ health fascinates me. Working at InSciTe means I can contribute to this!
Annabel Jansen

Annabel Jansen, MA

Marketing & Communications Manager

T +31 6 46 35 51 71

"I enjoy working in a vibrant community, creating value with different stakeholders and translating research into stories'
Bart van As

Bart van As

Business Development Biobased

T +31 6 19 27 38 46

"Groundbreaking projects leading to new start-up companies and a better world? Count me in!"
Kurt Gielen

Kurt Gielen

Business Development Biomedical

T +31 6 19 27 16 69

The Business of Science, taking innovative products and great technologies and turning them into successful entrepreneurial ventures, is what truly motivates me. And that is exactly what Chemelot InSciTe represents: the transfer of great science into great businesses."
Renee Lemaire

Renee Lemaire

Legal Counsel

T +31 6 25 02 84 98

"Finding legal solutions that are acceptable to all public and private parties involved is not always easy, but very rewarding if successful."
Chemelot InSciTe