InSciTe’s biomedical and biobased RT&D programs focus on helping proven concepts and ideas further develop in the technology readiness level towards business development and commercialization. We do this according to our four E’s (Expertise, Experimentation, Education and Entrepreneurship) concept which is available for all InSciTe partners.

InSciTe is not a subsidy program but an institute in which parties are willing to invest to jointly achieve what cannot be achieved alone.
InSciTe is open to other parties and actively seeks partners – from academia and industry, and from all over the world – that complement the expertise of InSciTe and share its vision and ambitions. InSciTe has a clear governance structure and a well-defined procedure for the submission and evaluation of project proposals. Participants will have direct access to the state of the art infrastructure and facilities offered within InSciTe as well as support of its founding fathers: DSM, Eindhoven University of Technology, Maastricht University & University Medical Center and Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

Project proposals
Projects are defined by the participants and submitted for evaluation and approval to the InSciTe office. Projects teams may propose specific investments in (dedicated) equipment to be made by InSciTe. The evaluation and approval procedure may involve an independent international review by experts in the field of science, technology and (industrial) application. Both the biomedical and the biobased program have a dedicated and experienced program manager to support the start-up and execution of the projects. The program managers can also help to attract external co-financing and scout for potential partners.

Intellectual property
To support commercialization of the project outcome, InSciTe aims to protect the intellectual property (IP) resulting from its RT&D activities and to encourage its use a clinical and industrial setting. For this purpose a straightforward set of IP-guidelines has been developed.

Summarizing the basic IP rules of InSciTe:
The InSciTe IP Guidelines are binding for all participants in InSciTe projects;
 Foreground IP is owned by the inventing party (“Ownership follows inventorship”);
Ownership of background IP will remain with the party contributing the background IP;
Participants will have access to background IP, listed in an annex to the project agreement, and foreground IP if needed for the purpose and duration of the project;
Whenever background IP of another participant is needed for commercialization of foreground IP, the participants will negotiate in good faith the terms of an agreement;
Access rights to foreground IP shall be granted to the other participants for research use for the duration of the project;
Access rights to foreground IP after the project has ended will be agreed at the end of the project, on a case-by-case basis; 
Publication and confidentiality of foreground IP must comply with regulations agreed in the IP guidelines;
IP Revenue sharing between the participants, including third parties, if any, will be based on their pro rata financial cash and in kind contribution to the project;
Agreement on IP revenue sharing will be valid as long as revenues are being generated, e.g. for the duration of a license agreement on the basis of IP generated in the project. In many cases this may be considerably longer than the duration of the project; 
Before the start of each project in InSciTe, a so-called “Participants Representative” must be appointed. The Participants Representative is exclusively responsible for developing a patenting and commercialization strategy in cooperation with the other project participants, for seeking interested parties for the commercialization, and for managing, filing, prosecuting and maintaining of patent rights;
IP gross revenues will be collected and distributed by the Participants Representative;
Participation of InSciTe and/or its Founding Fathers in subsidy programs such as H2020 may necessitate the adjustment of the IP Guidelines to fulfill the (additional) subsidy requirements.

InSciTe will adhere to the 'Nederlandse Gedragscode Wetenschapsbeoefening', a code of conduct for academic practice that is generally accepted within the academia (VSNU, KNAW, NWO).

InSciTe IP guidelines and the 'Nederlandse Gedragscode Wetenschapsbeoefening / Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice' are available under Documents.

Want to know more? If you feel you could be and want to be a partner in what InSciTe set out as its ambitions. If you want to learn more about possibilities for partnering and would like to participate in and collaborate with InSciTe, please contact us at:

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