Sustainably improving our way of living

A growing world population, rapid climate change and resource scarceness triggered the global paradigm shift from oil-based towards biobased raw materials aiming at a more sustainable and eventual circular economy. This requires collaboration across borders and between industries that were not connected up to now. Agriculture and forestry will be the future supplier of raw materials for the chemical industry and energy production. Ensuring food and energy security and the responsible utilization of ecosystems around the world will be paramount for a successful transformation towards a sustainable society.

Biobased building blocks (4Bs) are part of the solution
InSciTe’s biobased research is built on the strong belief that the route towards making materials by smarter approaches via developing sustainable production processes for biobased materials from renewable feedstock is one of the key answers. The feedstock Chemelot InSciTe is aiming at does not compete with the food chain and is abundantly available. Nature provides an array of biobased feedstock that can enable a myriad of applications. Replacing fossil feedstock and intermediate products with biobased alternatives reduces greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain. Biobased building blocks also offer new functionalities (e.g. strength or biodegradability) that enhance the value of the end product. However, large investments in complex production routes, processes and facilities make the transition to biobased building blocks a far from easy task. By developing and piloting novel chemistry and technology that consume less energy and produce less waste InSciTe helps to enable the switch to biobased building blocks.

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