Lignin Resins Chemicals Fuels

This project has the ambitious goal to lay the basis of the world’s first bio-refinery for lignin. Lignin is now a waste stream of bio-ethanol plants based on lignocellulose. In this project lignin is transformed into an intermediary product called lignin crude oil via a chemical process that was developed by the Eindhoven University of Technology. In a follow up step this lignin crude oil is fractionated and further converted to valuable products like phenol, resins and octane-boosting fuel additives. The lignin crude oil itself is a suitable marine fuel for which Eindhoven University of Technology both has patents and a specialized spin off company. In this project the first steps are taken towards certification of lignin crude oil as marine fuel in collaboration with a shipping company and a marine engine manufacturer. Using lignin crude oil in such a way ensures a return on investment in a short time, creating additional funding to further develop the products mentioned above.
  Project leader
Michael Boot, PhD

Eindhoven University of Technology

Project partners
Eindhoven University of Technology, Maastricht University, DSM
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