Biobased Multi-Purpose Multi-Tenant Pilot Plant Facility
The biobased pilot plant is a multi-purpose multi-tenant pilot plant facility for the thermochemical and chemochemical conversion of (biobased) building blocks on a 100 kg/day scale. These facilities fulfil an important requirement for companies to scale up processes from lab or bench scale to pilot scale, to reduce capital and risk in scaling up to demo scale and full scale production. The biobased pilot plant employs the newest technologies through the collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology, Maastricht University and DSM as founding fathers of Chemelot InSciTe. This include novel equipment such as spinning disc reactors and extractors, as well as dedicated skids for performing reactions and purifications such as multistage distillation, next to standard equipment. The facility was opened in May 2016.

Floor space and laboratory 
The Multi-Purpose Pilot Plant consists of the 520 m2 pilot hall with laboratory and project offices. It is located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen. This pilot plant can be used for chemical and catalytic conversions and is operated by skilled operators.

The Equipment available:

  • Packed bed reactor set-up
  • Continuous homogeneous catalysis set-up
  • Spinning disc reactor and spinning disc extractor
  • Purifications such as multi-purpose distillation column
  • Dedicated skids for performing experiment

Adding up:

  • Batch and continuous operation processes up to 500 kg/day
  • Integrated data monitoring and control systems
  • ATEX2 certified, 24/7 operations
  • On-site analytics laboratory, confidentiality ensured

Become a partner in the Pilot Plant Facility
Two-thirds of the capacity of the pilot facilities is used for the RT&D programme. The remaining third of the capacity is available for third parties on a commercial basis. Parties who are active in our research fields are invited to join us in the available pilot plant space. We are especially looking for parties who are working with lignin, furfural, and hemicellulose.

Please contact Marijn Rijkers ( Program Director Biobased for more information. He will gladly assist you with any questions regarding the Pilot Plant Facility and further arrangements. 


The Pilot Plant Facility, located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen. For an inside view click here


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