Our Quality Circle

The Biomedical Accelerator Matrix of InSciTe also works with a Quality Circle. This Quality Circle consist of representatives of InSciTe and our partnering companies and meet on a monthly basis.

We have founded the Quality Circle because we feel responsible to inform our clients in the best way possible and find solutions for common issues. This also goes hand in hand with our Matrix philosophy, where we offer our clients their own learning and work environment by sharing knowledge and expertise. And overall, a promise to accelerate the road from patent to patient.  

The meetings address the following issues:

  1. Assure effective working relationships.
  2. Assure and improve product and service performance.
  3. Operations: discuss maintenance, environmental monitoring, mutual CAPA’s and results of inspections.
  4. Share and discus all other quality relating issues that are beneficial for persons and partnering companies involved.  

Members of the group are responsible for performing actions regarding these improvements and report to their own management. As InSciTe, we take our responsibility for maintaining a high-quality standard seriously and we are always working on how to improve on this. 

Quality Circle

Quality Circle

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