Bridging the gap from Patent to Patient with the Biomedical Accelerator Matrix

As InSciTe we have experienced from our partners the unmet need to facilitate the process from patent to patient. Currently, many promising high potential biomedical concepts fail, due to the long and difficult road to commercialization and application to the market. Early high investments and continuously more stringent medical legislation makes it almost impossible for these lab proven concepts to develop into a patient ready and marketable product. To help bridging this so-called ‘innovation valley of death’, InSciTe developed the Biomedical Accelerator Matrix concept. A brand new and unique approach.

'We can decrease the risks and the cost of a startup company and accelerates their chances of success'

The Biomedical Accelerator Matrix has one thing in mind, bring new innovative biomedical concepts faster to the market and patients.This can be achieved by providing basic elements such as infrastructure, personnel and flexible office space and extend this with the needs of the company, like a cleanroom or use of warehouse and a overarching quality system. By sharing elements with other companies, investments can be limited for all involved parties. Besides that, the Matrix brings knowhow and knowledge together plus it has a self-learning ability. Early experiences with regards to example legislation with one company stays with the personnel in the matrix and will be used when needed for another company. 



Our Matrix concept

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