Working towards full cartilage repair

Cartilage defects occur frequently and can progress into osteoarthritis, which is painful and progressive, leading to serious functional limitations. In the Netherlands, 600,000 people suffer from this disease, and it is expected to become the fourth most common cause of disability by 2020 – mainly due to increasing longevity and earlier onset of the disease. Treatment at end-stage is generally joint replacement (e.g. a knee prosthesis), which costs Dutch society over M€ 700 per year. As the lifespan of artificial joints is limited and the onset of disease earlier, surgical revisions, which are often unsatisfactory and costly, are becoming more and more common.

InSciTe works towards delivering a cell-free, bioresorbable, cartilage-resurfacing biomaterial that induces native tissue regeneration and provides pain control, preventing progression into osteoarthritis.


Chemelot InSciTe