Let's meet our Award Winners...

To encourage our young researchers, we organized a Poster Pitch Session at our Annual Meeting. Every presenter were given one minute to pitch their poster to engage the audience with their poster. Based on the assessment of a handpicked expert jury, the best poster and presentation prizes were awarded. Brightlands generously sponsored these Poster and Presentation Awards, which were handed out by our Managing Director Emiel Staring, in the closing award ceremony on Friday.


Ralph Jeuken

Ralph Jeuken during his presentation  ‘Surgical Implantation of a Novel Polymeric Focal Knee Resurfacing Implant’

Marlies Gijs

Marlies Gijs during her Poster Pitch ‘Design and development of RELEAZE-P accesoires'     


Who is Marlies Gijs?
She is postdoctoral researcher within the OCDC project since October 2015. She has been involved in the regulatory and quality aspects of the project and will be executing the first-in-human clinical trial and animal trial. As of March 2017, she became work package leader.

Who is Ralph Jeuken?
Ralph is a PhD Candidate at the Maastricht University Medical Center. He graduated as Medical Doctor in 2015 after which he worked shortly as medical supervisor at the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht. His passion is the musculoskeletal system and he has read many books on exercise physiology. Ralph is also a fanatic athlete; when he is not busy working in the lab you can usually find him in the University Gym or cycling through the hills of South Limburg. In the weekends you also have a good shot at finding him in one of his favorite cafes or restaurants in Maastricht.

Another hobby of his is travelling and discovering other cultures, foods, flora and fauna. Ralph will re-enter the clinic in 2018 to pursue his ultimate dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

How did you became involved in InSciTe?
Ralph: 'In November 2015 I started my current position as PhD Candidate within the InSciTe SyCaP consortium. From the moment I heard about this very interesting position and the opportunity to collaborate with such a broad consortium, I knew that this had to be my job.'

'My role in Maastricht, together with dr. Emans and dr. ir. Roth, is to prepare, coordinate and execute the animal trials for the SyCaP implant. Also, a lot of my time is spend on processing all the animal tissue and analyzing the resulting histology. Although it is time-consuming, this fast translational character from idea to result is what attracts me the most in this project.'

I wanted to demonstrate that accessories for the core medical device are unavoidable
Marlies Gijs about her Poster

What did you present and how did you win the Poster Award?
Marlies: 'I presented a poster on the development of three accessories of the ocular coil (called RELEAZE-P). The first accessory is a custom-made packaging which was designed to enable handling of the ocular coil and to protect it from damage during transport. The second accessory is a 3D-printed applicator to place the ocular coil in the lower eyelid. And finally, the third accessory is a magnetic stirring bar which was selected as suitable device to remove the ocular coil from the eye.'

'I prepared this poster with a message in mind for the other InSciTe projects. I wanted to demonstrate that accessories for the core medical device are unavoidable. Not only will they make it more ease to handle the device, they will also prevent risks related to transport, picking up the device and placing it in the eye. We identified these risk during our FMEA (failure mode effect analysis) sessions and my advice to other projects is: do FMEA sessions early on in the project, before your design freeze.

Ralph, you won the best Presentation Award, did you expect this?
Ralph: 'I hoped for it but did not expect it. I held my presentation in the Friday session and therefore I had to see almost all the other presentations before it was my turn. I found that the presentations and posters this year were of much higher quality than last year. I think we are growing both as an institute, as well as on an individual level. '

award winners 

Very nice to see all the progress that we are making and it was also a great opportunity to meet with people in- and outside my group
Ralph Jeuken about the Annual Meeting

What where your thoughts about this Annual Meeting?
"I really enjoyed this annual meeting. I noticed that there is a good vibe between the project members and the start-ups. Good to see that we are helping each other and learning from each other. I met some inspiring people and I also liked the after party. The photo booth was hilarious.'
Ralph: ''Very nice to see all the progress that we are making and it was also a great opportunity to meet with people in- and outside my group. Unfortunately the band on Thursday night refused to play AC/DC or Robbie Williams for me..."

And last but not least, what are you going to do with the prize money?
"I would really like a tailor-made suit but I am constantly delaying this as it is obviously a great expense. With this money there is no more excuse."
Marlies: "My plans with the prize money? Buying pie for my colleagues, buying something nice for myself (shoes or a purse, I can’t choose…hmm, I’ll take both) and buying a present for my little daughter’s first birthday."


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