Our Biobased project Lignin RICHES is part of BIO-HArT.  In Dutch, the acronym BIO-HArT stands for 'Biorizon Innovation and Upscaling of Renewable Aromatics Technology'. By the end of 2018 the result should be functioning bench scale demonstrators that can produce samples for the industry on a kilogram scale. Currently we are looking for companies that would like to test samples in their own applications and share the results with us. 
(In time), we will be able to provide samples of sugars, lignin, furans, alkylphenols, mono-, di- and tri-acids, functionalized phenols and other aromatic compounds. 

We offer you a unique opportunity to share your specific wishes with us regarding the characteristics of the samples (functionality, reactivity, ..) in order to discuss how we could cooperate and both benefit from the results. In collaboration with the industry applications will be developed based on these test samples. 

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This project is established by a contribution of the European Interreg V Flanders-The Netherlands program that stimulates innovation, sustainable energy, a healthy environment and the labor market by means of cross-border projects. On a total budget of € 6.085.445,38 Interreg contributes € 3.042.722,69 (50 %) and besides that the provinces of North-Brabant, Antwerp, East-Flanders and Flemish-Brabant offered additional funding. Thereby they make an important contribution to the further development of the Flemish-Dutch border region as a top location for the transition to a more sustainable, biobased economy and an efficient use of natural resources.

More info on Biorizon: www.biorizon.eu

Please join Biorizon's Community: www.biorizon.eu/community

If you want to know more about (participating in) the BIO-HArT-project or Biorizon please contact Nadine Wennersbusch via nadine.wennersbusch@tno.nl or +31 (0)88 866 63 71

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