Dear members of the Chemelot InSciTe community,

Earlier, we have informed you that we had to decide to cancel the Chemelot InSciTe Closing Event which had been scheduled to take place on February 8. The corona regulations, as announced last Friday on January 14 by our government, do not allow us to have the event as it was planned to be: an interactive session, highlighting and showcasing the achievements of InSciTe, and sharing the many successes with you, as active contributors and stakeholders, and an informative and festive networking event.

In anticipation of our Closing Event, we had already made a booklet with a very nice and exiting overview of the InSciTe projects, activities and achievements, as a tangible reminder. This booklet is available in in limited edition only and we will now send this to the Chemelot InSciTe project leaders for distribution amongst the researchers in the their InSciTe projects. We will also make the pdf version available for you, as a download, using the link below. QR-codes in the booklet will lead you to very nice, informative and inspiring videos of all our projects! Hopefully this can serve, to some extent, as an alternative for the live meeting we had planned.

Happy reading!

Kind regards,
Emiel Staring, on behalf of the InSciTe team

Download Booklet


Cancellation Closing Event

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