On 22 April 2017, Earth Day, people all over the world participated in the 'March for Science'. This march was organized to emphasize the vital role of science in society. We, as InSciTe, promoted this event, and marched in Maastricht. Because we believe in 'our scientists.' They are the fundaments of InSciTe, and together we tackle two major challenges the world faces. Keeping our planet healthy to maintain the role she has in providing us with fuels and energy and finding solutions to keep our growing aging population healthy. 

The march in Maastricht was very successful, we marched together with hundreds of people; scientists, neighbours, children, students, etc. Mad Science was present to entertain the children, and you could make your own (protest)sign. Inspirational speeches were given by Rianne Letschert, Roy Erkens, Bart Knols and Jens Thies. They addressed how science must open up to society, to emphasize the importance of science and how it effects our daily lives. Jens Thies: ' We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for science. How did we survived epidemic diseases like polio, without vaccines? So, how do you feel now about science?' 
Other marches in the world had similar programs, and even more participants! Visit the main website here: https://satellites.marchforscience.com

We will be supporting this cause (stay tuned!) and we invite you to do as well. 
If you have any questions or ideas to also support this cause, please let us know.

March for Science



InSciTe walking the March for Science

Chemelot InSciTe