Next to our 10 running projects we were able to start 4 new research projects earlier this year. In kickoff meetings we welcomed enthusiastic researchers, forming unconventional teams that cut across disciplines, sectors and conventions. Good luck to all teams!

1. WISE: Wrist Implants Made by Rapid Tooling Using Stereolithography With Injection Mold Engineering. 

Project partners: DSM, Maastricht UMC+ and Xilloc Medical. Read more here. 

WISE kickoff

WISE project team 


2. ISEA: Innovative Surgeries for Eyes with Advanced Glaucoma.

Project partners: TU/e, Maastricht UMC+, InnFocus inc (a Santen company). Read more here. 

Kickoff ISEA

ISEA project team 


3. LOADED: Lignin Oil Based Performance Additives.

Project partners: TU/e, Maastricht University, Vertoro. Kickoff meeting is planned at 1 May 2020.

Read more here.


4. BICEPS: Biobased and Circular Engineering Plastics.

Project partners: TU/e, Maastricht University, DSM. Read more here. 

Kickoff Biceps

BICEPS project team 


Kickoff new projects

Chemelot InSciTe