1. Who is Raymond Mulleneers?
I was born and raised in Brabant in the Eindhoven area. After military service I ended up in the south part of the Netherlands to continue my education. This got me into contact with the culture and the people of this region. I love it so much I decided to stay here. Although, I recently moved to our neighbors (Belgium), I still enjoy life in this region. It’s a nice life style of living that still charms me.

2. Where did your work before joining InSciTe?
Before I started working for InSciTe, I worked for Medtronic, a large medical device company. I worked in the area of quality for development and manufacturing. In between the period of Medtronic and InSciTe I tasted a bit from the life of a freelancer and experienced how it felt to be the owner of my own company. That time was thrilling but also exhausting. For my family it was also tiring. Soon I realized that this diversity was something I should try to find in a more structured working environment and that became InSciTe. I was happy, my family was happy and I assume that InSciTe was also happy. Before all this, I worked for the automotive branch also in several quality functions.

3. What kind of work related questions can we ask?
Anything… But you probably will get a question back since I am interested in everything.

4. What do you like to do, besides working?
If I am not working for InSciTe I am probably still working but then with my hands. I like to be creative so I have an old car that I am restoring (for the last 20 years). My friends would probably smile. Besides restoring my car I am quite an experienced construction worker and with a new house that comes in handy. In the evenings I like to enjoy my life with my kids and wife, preferably in combination with a glass of wine and occasionally with a science fiction movie.

5. What are your expectations for this year?
…besides getting some work done on my car, I expect to implement our Quality Management System based on ISO13485 half way through this year and get it certified before the end of this year. In between these activities I hope to help the projects that are currently running at InSciTe to achieve their intended targets.

Raymond Mulleneers


New quality assurance manager: Raymond Mulleneers

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