As InSciTe, we are partner of  EIPIN-IS, the European IP Institutes Network- Innovation Society.  But what is EIPIN-IS?

Research program of EIPIN: EIPIN-IS
The role and its effects of IP on innovation is still not very well understood, and Europe is lagging behind in terms of innovation. Therefore, as part of the Horizon2020 strategy, EIPIN has started a research program to bring research closer to business: EIPIN-IS. EIPIN-IS is multidisciplinary research program examining the role of intellectual property (IP) in an innovative environment, bringing together academia, industry, knowledge institutions, and legal practice. EIPIN-IS has the ambition to enhance Europe’s capacity to foster innovation-based sustainable economic growth globally, securing economic benefits and upholding justice in the innovation society. Four clusters of research are identified within this research program:

1. IP as a complex adaptive system
2. Governance of Production and Technologies
3. Adjudication, Justice and Enforcement
4. Allocation of Rights, Actors and Institutions

In total fifteen early stage researchers (PhD students) will do their research in the above mentioned areas. Altogether, the final goal is to provide guidance to inventors and entrepreneurs through the lifecycle of IP-intensive assets that take a new idea/concept into the marketplace. 

Ideas & IP

What to do with IP?

Project to boost valorization
InSciTe is acting as a partner organization (and representative of the non-profit public organizations) within the EIPIN-IS program. At the moment research centers are developing breakthrough technologies, but the commercial follow-up is still not where it should be (the so-called valley of death). InSciTe will provide guidance to an early stage researcher on the topic ‘Bridging the Valley of Death’ within the cluster 1: ‘IP as a complex adaptive system’. The researcher will focus on the translational biomedical sector, emphasizing on the interplay between technology developments, legal, and commercial aspects that arise in this innovative sector. Bridging ‘the valley of death’ would stimulate effective translation of basic research concepts to a product ready to be used in the clinic, and thus social welfare/ healthcare. Thus, this project strives to boost valorization and commercialization strategies.  


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Participation in EIPIN-IS research program

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