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Our researchers, Christian J.F. Bertens, Marlies Gijs, Frank J.H.M. van den Biggelaar and Rudy M.M.A. Nuijts from Maastricht UMC+ and the Maastricht University got their research done for the OCDC, The Ocular Coil Drug Delivery Comfort Trial, published. The project is looking for a better replacement for drug delivery formulations such as eyedrops or ointments. 'Topical drug delivery devices: A review' was published in Elsevier, Experiment Eye Research. You can find it here.

In this publication they address the unmet need of ophthalmic drug delivery devices. They state that: 'Only by working together (academia, industry and authorities) and by exploring parallel strategies the therapeutic effect of drug treatments can be improved.'
Let's work on this together!

Marlies Gijs

Marlies Gijs, Maastricht UMC+


Publication Eye Research OCDC

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