TripleMed is partnering with InSciTe to further development of Aortic Aneurysm treatment

TripleMed is a startup company focusing on finding a treatment for aortic aneurysm. After promising pre-clinical studies, they raised over € 2 million venture capital (see press release) to perform the required clinical studies.

Clinical studies are needed to verify the approach is working correctly and safe to use. To take the next step in development and still keep control over the complex production procedure they stumbled upon the offering of InSciTe.

The Biomedical Accelerator Matrix of InSciTe was created to offer startup companies all the infrastructure, expertise and services they need to get their product to the market. Already partnering with 2 companies, Neuroplast and CiMaas, InSciTe is working hard to realize their dreams; bringing these promising medical concepts to the market. With TripleMed as third party, the matrix is up and running to prove its efficiency.

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We are pleased with the infrastructure and professional assistance InSciTe can provide us to make the next step from ‘proof-of-concept’ to final commercial product and commercialization
Tjeerd Homsma, CEO of TripleMed

About TripleMed

TripleMed was founded in 2011 by 3 reputed vascular surgeons, Brom, De Vries and Jacobs. Their aim is to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for the treatment of aortic aneurysms. The first focus is developing a product named AneuFix. This is an elastic polymer that fills the aneurysm sac and prevents further leakage and sac expansion. With this product they expect to enter clinical trials and obtain market access initially in Europe by the end of 2018 and thereafter in the US.

More about Triplemed, visit their website.


TripleMed is partnering with InSciTe

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