On June 29 2020, a new installation will be put into operation at the Multi Purpose Pilot Plant at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The InSciTe spinoff company Vertoro will process the waste product lignin to produce “green oil” that can be used as a raw material in the production of bioplastics, chemicals and fuel. 

Chemelot InSciTe has designed the new installations in the Multi Purpose Pilot Plant to offer research opportunities. At this pilot plant, entrepreneurs and researchers can test chemical processes and innovative materials and produce these in growing quantities. 

The skid mounted with a reactor for processing lignin among other products is the latest addition to the Multi Purpose Pilot Plant where InSciTe acts as the facilitator for pioneering entrepreneurs active in raw and other materials from non-fossil sources. 

The official opening will be performed by Joost van den Akker, Deputy for Economic Affairs, Education and Sport for the Province of Limburg: ' Over five years after its start, more than 35 partners and knowledge institutes are now affiliated with InSciTe and the knowledge organization has contributed to the development of seven startups. This is something we are naturally very proud of. The innovative products strengthen Limburg's ecosystem in this field, and also contribute to the tasks defined by the province in its mission-driven economic policy.'

Regional newspaper De Limburger already published about the expansion of the pilot plant (view article below). If you wish to sign up for the virtual opening of the pilot plant at 29 June from 13-14 h, please register here


Unique Multi Purpose Pilot Plant undergoes expansion

Chemelot InSciTe