The InSciTe Biomedical Matrix welcomes VACIS as new partner

Sittard-Geleen, 21 November 2017 
VACIS, a biomedical startup company is partnering with the (Bio)medical Matrix of InSciTe. By choosing the right elements provided by the Matrix, VACIS will accelerate their process towards clinical trials and market launch.


InSciTe provides VACIS with a ready-made solution for the ‘non-core’ elements that would have taken us at least 12 months to set up
Johan van den Arend Schmidt

VACIS is founded in 2016 and is a spin off from technology developed by Maastricht University and Leiden Universitair Medisch Centrum. The company develops in situ tissue engineered blood vessels providing novel therapeutic options for vascular surgery. VACIS provides patients autologous graft vessels. VACIS’ technology uses a synthetic rod device, which is inserted under the skin and induces the formation of a new, fully functional blood vessel. After 28 days of implantation, the rod-like device is removed leaving in place an in-situ formed vessel of fibro collagenous tissue which further matures into a functional blood vessel following connection into the blood circulation.

By partnering with InSciTe, VACIS plans to enter he clinical phase in 2018 and market launch in 2019/20.

Go to VACIS for more information.

Signing Vacis

Anneke Minnema - VACIS, Emiel Staring - Chemelot InSciTe, Johan van den Arend Schmidt - VACIS 


VACIS as new partner of InSciTe

Chemelot InSciTe