Vertoro, a Startup company from InSciTe, in Brightlands Accelerator program

Michael Boot and Panos Kouris have entered the Brightlands Innovation Factory Accelerator Program. In this program they are working hard to accelerate their dream, making a legend of the company 'Vertoro'.  Vertoro or ' the green gold' is a start up company that evolved from the InSciTe project Lignin RICHES, where Boot was project leader.

The Robber Barons
Their goal is to produce green chemicals and fuels from Crude Lignin Oil. They are mainly focusing on the commercialization phase of the CLO (Crude Lignin Oil) production. By producing a lignin oil, they are using the waste product of 2G cellulosic ethanol plants and introducing a renewable platform oil for chemicals and fuels. That is what we call killing two birds with one stone. The secret according to Michael Boot: ' We don’t make our process any fancier than it has to be.’
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Chemelot InSciTe is partner of the Brightlands Innovation Factory.



'Vertoro accelerates from Startup to legend'

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