Validating the process that accelerates biomedical concepts.

The (Bio)medical Accelerator Matrix works on multiple levels to accelerate innovations. The matrix provides basic infrastructural elements, work spaces, required courses, but also specialized items such as cleanrooms, inspection areas and supporting technical experts with as heart an overarchingquality system. By sharing different elements, investment costs can be limited for all parties involved.

InSciTe has received an EU OPZuid grant of €1.6 million to further the development and validation of the (Bio)medical Accelerator Matrix. The Provincie Limburg adds to this with an additional funding of €157,000. 

Two routes
The first medical development to prove the effectiveness of the matrix is our Biomedical project PoSTuRE. The goal of this project is to find a beter scoliosis treatment. With the new treatment, which will be further developed in the matrix, correction of the deformed spine is performed with a patient specific guiding structure. When successful this will drastically decrease the amount of surgeries.

The second development route is a collaboration between Fujifilm Europe and Neuroplast. The aim is to increase stem cell viability in neurodegenerative disorders like paraplegia.

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The work of BEAM-NL is performed under the framework of Chemelot InSciTe. The project is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund,
the ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands and the Province of Limburg in the context of the Operational Programme South Netherlands (OPZuid).



Chemelot InSciTe