Innovative Surgeries for Eyes with Advanced Glaucoma

The eye disease glaucoma is the world's no. 1 cause of untreatable blindness. Within the InSciTe Biomedical program, we aim to develop new medical devices for the treatment of glaucoma. With a unique team of scientists from Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, eye specialists from Maastricht UMC+ and business partner Santen we have started research project ISEA: Innovative Surgeries for Eyes with Advanced Glaucoma. 

The ISEA project will be a spin-off project (and performed by the same excellent consortium) from the InSciTe SEAMS project in which we are currently developing a minimally invasive drainage device combination with a system for sustained delivery of anti-fibrosis medication for the surgical treatment of patients with (primary) open-angle glaucoma (POAG). This should be suitable for the treatment of all POAG patients. The ISEA project aims to use the technology developed in the SEAMS project to create a device that can successfully treat other glaucoma patients, especially those with severe or refractory glaucoma (e.g. neovascular glaucoma, syndromes like irido-cornea-endothelial (ICE) or Axenfeld-Rieger), or patients after earlier (multiple) intraocular surgery (e.g. glaucoma surgery and retinal surgery).

With SEAMS and ISEA we will have the opportunity to complete the surgical product portfolio for safe, simple and successful treatment of the entire spectrum of glaucoma patients.  

Pic Henny Beckers

Project leader

Henny Beckers, MD, PhD 

Eyeclinic, Maastricht UMC+ 

Project partners 

TU/e, Maastricht UMC+, Inn Focus inc. (a Santen company) 



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