Wrist Implants Made by Rapid Tooling Using Stereolithography With Injection Mold Engineering

Hand and wrist injuries account for approximately 20% of all visits to Dutch emergency departments and are the most expensive of all type of injuries presented there. A possible consequence of severe wrist trauma is posttraumatic wrist osteoarthritis, which can lead to severe functional impairment, pain and permanent occupational disability. The current treatment method is very drastic and has a big impact on the patient’s quality of life as the wrist, in the end, becomes completely fixated and thus not allowing any movement.

The WISE project aims to help these patients by developing a new patient specific implant (custom-made) that allows an alternative treatment to relieve pain and improve wrist mobility. With InSciTe as a facilitator the WISE project has set-up a multidisciplinary consortium with partners like DSM, Maastricht UMC+ and Xilloc.

Pic Philip Schormans

Project leader 

Philip Schormans 

MD, Surgeon, Trauma Surgeon


Project partners 

DSM, Maastricht UMC+Xilloc



Chemelot InSciTe