Settle, Start & Grow

Scientific insights only lead to innovations if they make their way to people and companies that actually use them in real-world applications. Entrepreneurs are pivotal to this because they develop and deliver the processes, products and services in which cutting-edge science finds commercial use.

To help companies start, settle and grow, Chemelot InSciTe will carry out a range of activities to fuel, host, connect and train entrepreneurs. The activities will focus on needs specific to entrepreneurs in the fields of biomedical and biobased materials.

Together with the Brightlands valorisation managers and the network of the Founding Fathers, InSciTe‘s entrepreneurial efforts are based on three pillars: Settle – Start – Grow




Settling companies focuses on marketing & acquisition to interest companies from all over the world in partnering in the RT&D programs and the use of InSciTe’s facilities.

  • Attract third parties through marketing and active business development. By creating opportunities of partnering in InSciTe’s research program, and pro-actively seeking out public and private partners to complement expertise
  • Offer housing and unique RT&D infrastructure to third parties


Starting new companies is about maximally facilitating start-ups sprung from or spun out of InSciTe’s RT&D activities.

  • Increasing the valorisation potential of InSciTe’s RT&D projects via project selection and scoping. The valorisation managers will aid project teams to scope and front load their projects for maximum valorisation potential
  • Monitor valorisation potential in RT&D programs by constantly evaluating (projected) project outcomes for opportunities to create a marketable product, license technologies and/or spin out ventures – and closely benchmark them against developments and opportunities in the outside world
  • Offer crucial elements during the formation of start-up companies such as venture creation, team recruitment, business planning, funding opportunities, IP and regulatory affairs, partner search, training & education and coaching.


The growth pillar of the ecosystem helps companies that started from InSciTe or settled at Brightlands because of InSciTe to expand by pursuing new business leads and opportunities at the campus.

  • Connect to the Brightlands network, to spin-in newly developed technology into one of the Chemelot InSciTe partners or a third party company located at the campus
  • Support new activities by providing access to InSciTe’s expertise and network of specialized service providers. Organize biomedical and biobased career events where students and professionals can visit start-ups, as well as internships for students interested in working in an entrepreneurial environment.


Chemelot InSciTe