Why we started
We are founded on 27 march 2015 by our 'Founding Fathers', DSM, Maastricht University and Maastricht University Medical Center, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Provincie Limburg via two investment funds. Representatives of the Founding Fathers can be found in the Board of InSciTe. The board makes critical strategic decisions and meet on a quarterly basis.

We are founded to find solutions for two major challenges.


Two major challenges
We live on a planet that is facing increasing pressure on its resources. The human population is growing at a rapid pace and this has an impact on the planet's resources. It has been predicted that the global population will reach nine billion people by 2050. Advances in modern science, however, has extended the lifespan of people. This, in turn, affects important resources such as food and energy.

This growing population creates two major challenges:

  1. How do we sustain the health of this growing population which, due to modern science, lives longer and is increasingly suffering from chronic diseases?
  2. How do we produce chemicals, materials, and energy critical to our wealth and wellbeing without affecting our environment?

These challenges present immense economic and social opportunities and we are ready to take them on! We search for solutions for these challenges through our biobased and biomedical projects.


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Why we do it

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