On March 27th, InSciTe will celebrate its second anniversary; a perfect time to look back on our achievements! More than 20 partners, both national and international, have already joined the institute. ‘During the last two years, a significant amount of work was performed in mostly unexplored territory. However, seeing our community growing bigger and more cohesive and watching our daily progress, makes it all worthwhile’ says Emiel Staring, managing director.

In September 2015, InSciTe opened the Biomedical facility and in May 2016 the Biobased multi-purpose pilot plant facility. ‘Today, we see that some of the projects are in a crucial phase. For example, for the Biomedical project OCDC we are in the testing phase and the clinical trials are within reach’ says Danielle Curfs, Biomedical Program Manager. ‘OCDC is striving to find a better alternative for eye drops, by creating a biomaterial coil that delivers the drug to the eye. This project is one of the examples on how the InSciTe Biomedical program is looking for better, effective solutions for current treatments.’

‘Within the Biobased projects, we follow a quite different process. The LA2AA project which aims at making Nylon, will conclude later this year. The project will prove that the technology, as has been designed and tested in the laboratory, will also work on larger scale in the pilot facility’ says Natascha Sereinig, Biobased Program Manager. ‘In the Biobased field we are looking at renewable raw materials. An important step towards a marketable process or product is the proof of scalability at a cost that is economically viable.’

Emiel Staring:
‘The future of InSciTe is getting clearer every day; strengthened and sculpted by the lessons we learn from our day-to-day business. As we transform these lessons into new business plans, we already lay the foundation for the nearby future. This ensures our drive for success and enhances the impact we have in the Biomedical and Biobased field. And in the end, our goal is to realize our mission; to ensure healthcare for all and make a positive contribution to a circular economy with as little negative impact on the planet as possible’.

2 Year anniversary Chemelot InSciTe



2 Year anniversary Chemelot InSciTe

Chemelot InSciTe