... Who is Albert Scherpbier?

Albert Scherpbier is dean of Faculty Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, UM and Deputy Chairman of the MUMC+ Board of Directors. Since November 28, he is also the new chairman of the board of Chemelot InSciTe.

... Who is Wim Klop?

He is presently interim CTO of DSM. Previously he has been, amongst others, VP Value Assurance review, COO of DSM China (based in Shanghai), VP Intellectual Property and VP R&D at DSM Pharmaceuticals.
He has been a management team member of several international business units. He studied chemistry, physics and chemical engineering and has also extensive experience in the biotechnology field.


..Is Albert the same at work as at home?

'Yes he is. I try to be as relaxed as possible based on my opinion that we can solve most issues together. Sometimes you have to be tough, but that should not be needed too often then there is something wrong in the team.'

... Wim, what are your personal interests?

'My personal interest are running, history and travelling.'

..Why InSciTe?

Albert: 'We see a future in which people are getting older and this puts a lot of stress on our healthcare system and on our planet. The question is also, are people ageing well? So, we must work towards sustainable healthcare, in which the quality of life comes first and to a more sustainable and eventual circular economy in which the negative impact of the planet will be reduced.'

Wim: ' It is a great way to do beautiful science but also turn it into products/processes that will eventually be used in the world.'

... What do you like about working for InSciTe?

Albert: 'Making it possible that different cultures and backgrounds meet. Developing things that are needed in society and important for individuals well being.'
Wim: 'I Hope to contribute, with my broad, global experience in both science and business to the goals mentioned above.'

…Something else you want to share…

Wim: 'I was recently at the InSciTe symposium in Nijkerk and was impressed by the broadness and quality of the science. On the way back I was thinking: ‘how can we transform all this beautiful science in real products/processes?’. I think in the years to come there is still a big challenge ahead of us in valorization.'


Board changes:meet Albert Scherpbier and Wim Klop

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