Some of you already met her, but for others she is still new.. Our newest member Bianca van Bree joined InSciTe in February as Project Manager Biomedical.

Who is Bianca van Bree…
I was born in Boxmeer, and studied Biomedical Sciences in Nijmegen. Afterwards, I performed my PhD in the field of diabetes at Maastricht University in the department of Human Biology. Directly after my PhD I started working for a biotech company called Pharming, where I held different positions. I started there as a scientist, performing molecular biology studies in the R&D department. Later on, I got a new position in France, where
I was involved in setting up the Discovery site and was responsible for planning, managing and coordinating new molecular biology projects. I was bridging the gap between the teams in the Netherlands and France.
I learned that I thrive in a collaborative team environment, contributing to the development of innovative biomedical products, and that is what brought me to InSciTe.

What is your role within InSciTe?...
My role within InSciTe is Project Manager Biomedical. I will be working together with project teams striving to make innovative biomedical solutions available for healthcare. In order to do so, it is important that the academic and industrial partners work closely together and make use of each other’s expertise. For the progress and focus of a project, we work according to predefined project milestones and deliverables. I will aid the multi-disciplinary teams in building on each other’s strengths to achieve their milestones and deliverables in a timely manner and with the available resources.

And what are your hobbies?
My favorite hobby, which is actually more a lifestyle, is running. At the moment, I am in the preparation for the Rotterdam marathon. I also very much enjoy traveling, exploring other countries and cultures. But wherever
I go, I always take along my running shoes.

What are your visions for the future of InSciTe?
The efficiency of innovation can still be very much increased. I believe InSciTe will be a role model for accelerating knowledge by creating a platform where scientists and entrepreneurs can work together to develop sustainable materials. Collaboration of multiple disciplines will enhance the chance on success.

Anything else you want to share?
Just ask!

Bianca van Bree



New biomedical project manager : Bianca van Bree

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