We welcome...

Biomedical Project XS-CRAFT 

Giulia Marchioli, Postdoctoral Researcher, TU/e
Tiago Fortunota,  Researcher, TU/e
Marije Sloff, Postdoctoral Researcher, MUMC+
Pamir Sawo, Reseacher, MUMC+
Judith van Gorp, Research Scientist, DSM

Intern Biomedical Facility  XS-GRAFT
Célèste Tillemans, Hogeschool Zuyd 

Biomedical Project SyCap
Marina van Doeselaar,  Research Technician, TU/e
Mieke Nickien, Postdoctoral Researcher, TU/e
Ruud Peter, Postdoctoral Researcher, DSM

Biomedical Project OCDC
Chiara Martino, Biomedical Engineer, TU/e
Marty Osch, Research Technician, MUMC+

Biobased project Lignin RICHES
Monika Jedrzejczuk, Researcher, UM 

Biobased Project LA2AA
Elisa Cascales Abad, Postgraduate Design Engineer, TU/e
Andrea Cabanes Gil, Postgraduate Design Engineer, TU/e

InSciTe Office 
Annabel Jansen in the function of Marketing & Communications Manager


Staff anouncements of december 2016

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